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Acratech Ultimate QR, Lvl, Det

Acratech Ultimate QR, Lvl, Det

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The Ultimate Ballhead is the choice of macro photographers who want a Ballhead that has all of its range of motion at the front. Some photographers will use the Ultimate Ballhead for general photography but, our other Ballheads are preferred because of their range of motion.

The difference between the Ultimate Ballhead and other Ballheads is that the angle of the clamps that hold the ball. The Ultimate Ballhead clamps are at a 45-degree angle and other Ballheads they are horizontal. The angle of the ball clamps affects the range of motion

You can also rotate the Ultimate Ballhead 180 degrees and then the range of motion is from forwards to straight up which is excellent for night sky photography.

All Acratech Ballheads are designed to be lightweight and rugged for the active outdoor photographer. The open structure lets moisture, dirt and debris fall through instead of being trapped inside a socket.

Available with our Arca Swiss style, knob or locking lever quick release clamp.

Camera quick release plates sold separately.

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