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Benro ArcaSmart 360 Dual Quick Release Plate

Benro ArcaSmart 360 Dual Quick Release Plate

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Introducing Benro ArcaSmart 360 Dual 

Benro’s ArcaSmart 360 Dual just got smarter.

Introducing the Arca-Smart 360 Dual Multi-Function QR Plate.

The ArcaSmart 360 Dual is an innovative quick-release plate that is compatible with both Arca-Swiss style and Manfrotto RC2 style camera plate systems with multi-angle functionality and camera-or-smartphone compatibility.

One side features a 25° Manfrotto RC2 style dovetail. And simply rotate the plate 90° and you have an Arca-Swiss style compatible 45° dovetail. No need to worry about changing plates when swapping out your support gear. The included 3-in-1 screw allows for easy camera attachment and removal.

The plate also features a unique built-in phone holder. Simply remove the 3-in-1 screw, open the phone clamp, and mount your smartphone. Whatever support gear you’re using, with a camera, or smartphone, compatibility is no longer an issue with this versatile QR plate.

The built-in 3/8" screw hole comes in handy when attaching to monopods or other support gear with 3/8" threads. For existing heads without a pan feature, add this plate for a 360° panorama function, giving you more versatility with your shots. Simply unlock the knob to rotate. Use the built-in scale for even more precision with your pans.

The multi-angle functionality of this plate allows you to adjust your camera or phone to a variety of positions that are perfect for your shot. Whether shooting with your camera or smartphone, easily switch from landscape to portrait orientation by unlocking the knob and rotating. Capture your portrait photography or go live on social media - without changing plates.

Key Features: 
  • Arca and RC2 dual mount.
  • Provides Panoramic Rotation on any head
  • Built-in Phone holder
  • 3/8" accessory mount allows mics and lights to easily be attached
  • Quick Horizontal and vertical positioning.
  • Multi-angle camera or phone adjustment.
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