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Billingham 307 Camera Bag

Billingham 307 Camera Bag

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  • Made of a 3-layer waterproof material​
  • Real, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather​
  • Solid brass fixings​
  • Individual serial number​
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee​
  • Made in England

    Multiple Layout Options Inside

    Multiple layout options inside​ included inside are:​

    • Padded base​
    • ‘SuperFlex 9-15’ partition​
    • ‘SuperFlex 10-18’ partition​
    • ‘V-Bridge 15’ ​

    There are 20+ different sizes/styles of padded dividers available to customize the bag to your gear:​

    • SuperFlex Partitions​
    • DF Dividers​
    • V-Bridge 15​ ​

    Note: The partitions shown are not the ‘SuperFlex 9-15’ and ‘SuperFlex 10-18 that are included with the bag.​

    Press Top Feature

    The ‘7 series’ (107, 207, 307 & 307L camera bags) have a distinctive rectangular opening feature, comprising of two specially shaped fiberglass and aluminum wands that hold the zipped, main compartment open. This is known as the ‘Billingham Press Top’ feature and is a similar style to a doctor's Gladstone bag.​ ​

    The hinge between the wands on either side is made of fabric to prevent users from experiencing a mechanical failure and provide an easy and quicker opening than a typical doctor's bag.

    Extra Pockets Inside

    The main compartment is padded on all 4 sides, plus the padded basepad.​ ​

    Behind the front padded wall of the main compartment are two equally sized slim pockets, ideal for items such as filters and diaries.​ ​

    Behind the back padded wall is a single slim compartment, big enough for a MacBook Pro 13 (4th Gen), MacBook Air (3rd Gen), iPad Pro 12.9, or Surface Pro (1-7 & X).​ ​

    Please note that these pockets are only padded on one side.

    Front Pockets

    The front dump pockets feature a press stud close and have ample space for batteries, cables, SD cards, lens cloths, and any other bits and pieces you wish to carry. An additional loop in the fabric on the side of the front pockets is a deliberate design feature to allow clip-on pens.

    Rear Pocket

    The back pocket of this bag is a generous size and great for storing easily accessible documents or notes. ​ ​

    The rain flap over the top is made of the same 3-layer waterproof fabric as the rest of the bag to help protect the zip from the elements.

    Sculpted Top Flap

    The main flap has a central, double-layered, waterproof seam which gives the bag a distinctive rounded look. ​ ​

    By extending over the ends of the bag, the top flap provides excellent protection from dust and weather, as well as creates a classic, sleek look.

    Additional Grab Handles

    With the top flap open you'll see another detail that makes all the difference, two internal leather grab handles, which  means you can carry the bag safely without closing it. For extra flexibility, the front handle can even be unclipped and removed if required.

    Adjustable Should Sling

    The shoulder sling is made of strong woven polyester. You can adjust the length to suit your height and shooting style.​ ​

    The sling is compatible with the SP20 and SP50 (recommended) shoulder pads.

    The SP50 is included for added comfort.

    Delta Sling And Optional Delta Pockets

    Where the shoulder sling attaches to the bag it splits into an inverted ‘Y’ shape at each end. This split sling helps to prevent any tipping or rolling motion as you move.​ ​

    The bottom ends of this split sling is also where optional Delta Pockets can be clipped onto, providing extra space or organization when you need it.​ ​

    Note: The Delta pocket in the picture is Khaki Canvas / Tan Leather, however, all 307 bags are made of FibreNyte fabric.

    QRS Front Straps

    The 307 features flared ‘Quick Release System’ leather front straps. You can open them one-handed, even while wearing gloves.​ ​

    The dual holes in the straps allow you to adjust the amount that the bag expands, depending on how much gear you are carrying.​ ​

    Below and behind the flared front straps are two cutouts where you can thread optional 5/8 Tripod Straps through.

    What Does It Fit?
    • Can fit the MacBook Pro 13 (4th Gen), MacBook Air (3rd Gen), iPad Pro 12.9, or Surface Pro (1-7-X) in its unpadded pocket in the back of the main compartment.
    • DSLR with a lens attached (e.g. Canon 1DX, Nikon D6, Canon 5D, Nikon D850) plus 1-3 lenses depending on their size. Tall enough for a 70-200mm lens not attached to the camera.
    • Mirrorless camera with a lens attached (e.g. Fujifilm XT-4, Sony A7IV, Canon R6, Nikon Z7 - with or without a battery grip) plus 1-3 lenses depending on their size.
    • Two rangefinder cameras (e.g. Leica M10, Leica M6) with lenses attached and 4 spare lenses.
    • Medium format cameras (Fujifilm GFX 100, Hasselblad H6D, Hasselblad 500CM etc) with lens attached and 1-3 extra lenses.
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