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Billingham 7/8 Leather Tripod Straps

Billingham 7/8 Leather Tripod Straps

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A pair of thick, strong leather straps, cut and finished by hand, with solid brass buckles, to secure a small tripod to a Billingham bag.


Compatible With:

- Packington
- 550
Hadley Large Pro
- Other older bags that can fit 22mm (⅞") wide straps..

Will these Tripod Straps be attached to a Hadley Pro, Hadley Pro 2020, or Hadley One?

These bags are NOT designed to support tripod straps - however, some people thread them through the side panels (where you would normally fit AVEA pockets) to hang a tripod at the front. This is far from an ideal solution and generally, we'd recommend against it.

If you do use the tripod straps for this purpose we'd suggest you only use a small and light tripod.

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