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Billingham Airline Stowaway Pouch

Billingham Airline Stowaway Pouch

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This handy little camera bag has various hidden pockets and zips and is a great companion for everyday use with or without a camera. Made in England with 3-layer waterproof fabric and real leather.


  • Made of a 3-layer waterproof material​
  • Real, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather​
  • Solid brass fixings​
  • Individual serial number​
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee​
  • Made in England


Great for Travel

Perfect pouch for travel and everyday use - space for tickets, passport, phone, etc as well as a small camera or binoculars.


Which Camera?

The Airline Stowaway certainly won't fit a DSLR but it will fit smaller cameras such as a mirrorless with a short lens, small fixed lens camera or rangefinder. See a list of example cameras and binoculars below.



About the Main Compartment... 

The main compartment is padded on all 4 sides, plus the base. This makes it ideal to protect your equipment whilst traveling.

For ease of access, the compartment features a double zip.


Hidden Pockets

The Airline Stowaway (and Compact Stowaway and Pola Stowaway) have plenty of pockets.

A zip down the side of the bag gives you access to a pocket that's ideal for a passport. The zip on the front flap is perfect for a memory card.


Another Front Pocket

Under the front flap is another deep dump pocket.


Removable Shoulder Sling 

Adjust the removable shoulder sling to your height or remove it completely if you wish!


Belt Loops 

Two stitched belt loops on the back to allow your hands to keep free when traveling or out in the field.

Just behind the belt loops is a deep dump pocket.


Discrete and Slim

The particularly discrete styling of the bag means that it doesn't look like a camera bag at all – ideal for traveling without drawing attention.

The Stowaways

The PolaCompact, and Airline Stowaways are identical in features. The only difference between them are the dimensions.

The Airline is taller than the Compact, and the Pola is wider than the Compact. 


Do I need a Shoulder Pad?

The shoulder pad isn't essential but can stop the strap from digging into your shoulder if you're carrying heavy gear inside the bag. It can also reduce the chances of the bag slipping off your shoulder. If you do buy a shoulder pad remember only the 'SP10' size fits.

Make sure to choose the color to match your bag!

What Does It Fit?
  • A small rangefinder camera (e.g. Leica M10 with a small lens attached) with space for a passport, tickets, memory card, smartphone, etc.

  • A small mirrorless camera (e.g. Leica CL, Canon EOS M6, Sony A6400, Fujifilm X-E4, Olympus PEN E-PL8 with a small lens attached) with space for a passport, tickets, memory card, smartphone, etc.
  • A small fixed lens camera (e.g. Fujifilm X100F, Sony RX100 VII, Leica C-Lux, etc) with space for a passport, tickets, memory card, smartphone, etc.
  • Small-to-medium binoculars (e.g. Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 8x50 or Swarovski EL 10X50 WB) with space for passport, tickets, smartphone, etc.

Can you attach dividers inside this bag? 


No. The inside of this bag is made with a sheer fabric - therefore it is not possible to attach any of our Velcro® dividers inside.

You may want to consider the 'Pola Stowaway' instead. This has the same sheer fabric inside but some sizes of SuperFlex Partition will fit inside to provide the ability to divide up the space. 

Can this fit an iPad Mini inside? 


Yes - however it would go in the same padded compartment as the camera (if you carried a camera). This might limit what camera you can carry inside the bag.

What is the difference between 'Canvas' and 'FibreNyte'?

In simple terms ‘Canvas’ or ‘FibreNyte’ refers to the top layer of fabric on Billingham bags – the facecloth.

‘Canvas’ is a mix of cotton and polyester. ‘FibreNyte’ refers to the face fabric that is completely synthetic. Canvas is hard-wearing, and FibreNyte is very hard-wearing.

Both fabrics are bonded to a non-wicking polyester backing fabric with a middle layer of butyl rubber – this rubber layer makes both fabrics equally (and very) waterproof. Water can’t get through that rubber layer.

Both fabrics have a similar weave - the FibreNyte looks similar to canvas. Canvas is slightly softer to the touch, and FibreNyte is slightly rougher to the touch.

Choose Canvas if you want the bag to age gracefully and look vintage over time. This is particularly true of people who choose Billingham's ‘Khaki Canvas’ fabric as this looks particularly lovely as it ages.

Choose FibreNyte if you want the bag to look newer for longer or if they are particularly hard on their gear - for example by carrying the bag to work with them every day, doing a lot of hiking, or filling it particularly full. Also, Sage FibreNyte is particularly attractive as a color – it’s probably the most popular color among our staff!

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