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Billingham Eventer MK II Front Straps

Billingham Eventer MK II Front Straps

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Some Billingham bags come with front straps. If you need to replace yours or just fancy a change we sell spares for many of our bags.

The Eventer MKII Front Straps are included when you purchase the Eventer MKII. They are also exactly the same as the ones supplied with the Eventer - so they fit that bag too.

Please Note: These do not fit the 'Mini Eventer' bag.  

Different Leather Tolerances 

If you are replacing your front straps after many years, it is likely that the leather will be a little different in color from the leather on your bag.

Firstly as a natural product, there is variation between batches - we try our best to keep the colors of our leather within a set of tolerances, but as leather is a natural product it can be very hard to keep colors consistent to match something from many years ago.

Second leather does change in color slightly over time.

Please bear the above in mind when purchasing.

Using Front Straps 

Our front straps open and close using our Quick Release System. The front straps can be pulled up from the tip and go up and off the brass clog ball attached to most of our bags. ​ ​

Many of our bags have buckles, but this is just for fine-tuning the capacity inside the bag. You do not need to take the front straps off the buckles every time you use them, this is only for occasional adjusting. Because of this, it should be very difficult for you to lose your front straps.


These front straps are made with the craftsmanship you'd expect from Billingham:

  • Real, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather​
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee​
  • Made in England
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