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Billingham Hadley Insert - Pro

Billingham Hadley Insert - Pro

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Designed to Fit the Hadley Original, Original, Hadley Pro, or Hadley Pro 2020 

All three bags are the same size inside.​ ​

Note -  The Hadley Small and the Hadley Original look almost identical in some photos – but this insert is too big for the 'Hadley Small'.​ ​

Check the dimensions or the seams (especially in the front pockets) in the bag for a white batch label that usually has the name of the bag printed on it. Alternatively, contact us if you aren't sure and we can help.

Padded on all Six Sides and Dividers are Included 

The insert is padded with fabric-covered closed-cell foam on the front, back, sides, base, and lid to give excellent protection to your gear on all sides.​ ​

2x vertical padded dividers and 2x horizontal padded flap dividers are included and attached inside with Velcro.​ ​

Most people use the vertical dividers to create columns for the gear, then use the flap dividers to stack their gear within the columns.

Available in 3 Colors 

Remember to pick the correct color to match the inside lining of your bag!

Attached with a Press Stud 

The insert attaches inside a Hadley Original, Hadley Pro, or Hadley Pro 2020 bag with a single press stud. This enables fast and easy removal.

Included Already!

This insert is included inside the Hadley Pro and Hadley Pro 2020 bags when you purchase them. It also was included in the Hadley Original bag that we used to make.​ ​

You only need to purchase this if you are looking for a spare or a replacement. ​

A spare can be helpful if you would like to swap out different sets of camera gear more quickly.​ ​

If you have a particularly old bag (especially the Hadley Original) you might find this a significant upgrade to the insert that came with your bag. It is made from a newer, more resilient foam (closed-cell foam) and the padded dividers are removable instead of sewn in.

Not Just for Billingham 

This padded insert was designed for our Billingham bags however many customers use them with other bags too!

  • Made of dense, closed-cell foam
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee
  • Made in England
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