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Billingham S2 Divider Set

Billingham S2 Divider Set

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2x vertical padded dividers (with integral flaps) are included in the set.​ ​

This divider set is already included when you purchase the S2 camera bag - you only need to purchase this if you are looking for extra dividers or a replacement. ​ ​

The dividers attach inside the bag with Velcro®



Here are three possible layouts inside your bag with this divider set:​

  • Use the two vertical dividers to split the bag into three columns. You'd probably have a small DSLR or mirrorless camera with one small lens attached in one column. The remaining two columns would likely be very narrow.​
  • Use just one of the vertical dividers to split the space into two columns (pictured).​
  • Remove the dividers completely and store a camera on its side with a longer lens attached (the bag is wider than it is tall). The camera will need to be less than 130mm (5⅛) wide or it will be too tall when placed on its side.​ ​

 Please note: The padded base is not included with the divider set.



Remember to pick the correct colour to match the inside lining of your bag.​


  • Made of dense, closed-cell foam
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee
  • Made in England
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