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Billingham S4 Divider Set

Billingham S4 Divider Set

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2x vertical padded dividers (with integral flaps) are included in the set.​ ​ 

This divider set is already included when you purchase the S4 camera bag - you only need to purchase this if you are looking for extra dividers or a replacement. ​ ​

The dividers attach inside the bag with Velcro®.



Here are three possible layouts inside your bag with this divider set:​

 Use the two vertical dividers to split the bag into three columns (pictured).​

  • Use just one of the vertical dividers to split the space into two columns. In each column you could fit a small DSLR or mirrorless camera with a medium lens attached.​
  • Remove the dividers completely and store a camera on its side with a longer lens attached (the bag is wider than it is tall).​ ​

 Please note: The padded base is not included with the divider set.



As well as the S4 camera bag, the S4 Divider Set can be used in the F8 camera bag.


External dimensions

Individual divider: W140mm (5½") x H130mm (5⅛")
Flap Length: 60mm (2⅜")

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