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Billingham Superflex

Billingham Superflex

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  • Each Superflex Partition (except the 'Superflex Flap') is constructed with two sections and can store a different item on each side. For some sizes, this can be two lenses.
  • Attaches inside the 550, 5-Series, and 7-Series bags that have Velcro strips inside (some very old Billingham bags didn't have this Velcro sewn in.
  • Constructed from fabric-covered closed-cell foam and made at the Billingham factory in England.
  • See "Tech Specs" for more info.

SuperFlex Partitions are used to separate equipment inside some Billingham bags. The dividers inside them are positioned to provide one square compartment. Please note that these are designed to work with the padded base purchased with Billingham bags - SuperFlex Dividers do not have a base of their own.

With so many different lenses and other delicate equipment available today, Billingham made sure to develop quite a range of SuperFlex models to accommodate them. There is a good selection of sizes that should cover almost every need, protecting your valuable investment from the worst bumps and bashes.

When choosing it is important to remember the walls are the partitions are slightly flexible so may fit lenses slightly larger than you expect if you are happy with a tighter fit.

Superflex Partitions are always 15cm front-to-back - this is so they can sit front-to-back in the main compartment of a 225, 335, 445, 555, 550, 107, 207, 307, 307L, or similar bag.

When choosing the correct SuperFlex it is important to remember that the walls and the partitions have a little flexibility so may fit lenses slightly wider than you expect if you are happy with a snug fit. ​ ​

Attach Using Velcro®

All SuperFlex partitions attach using the Velcro® strips that are inside the 5-series, 7-series, and 550 bags.

The latest bags have two Velcro® strips on the inside walls, whereas older models have only one strip of Velcro®. SuperFlex partitions should still attach using only one Velcro® strip you may just need to push down as you secure the partition.

Some of our very old bags don't have this Velcro® sewn in, contact us if you need advice on this.


Each Superflex Partition is 15cm (5⅞") front to back with a sewn-in partition at varying measurements.​ ​

SuperFlex Partitions do NOT have a base in them, as they are designed to be used in conjunction with the SuperFlex base.​ ​

SuperFlex partitions allow you to keep equipment neat and tidy in our larger bags, whilst keeping your equipment protected.​ ​

You can store many items in SuperFlex partitions, from lenses and camera bodies to flashguns and cables.


Whilst the padding may not look very thick, the SuperFlex Partitions are made of dense, closed-cell foam that provides a high level of protection.

In response to customer feedback and when new foam became available, SuperFlex Partitions were updated to newer foam that has significantly greater robustness and longevity.

The foam is also now covered in PU-coated polyester material, instead of the cotton fabric previously. This makes the Partition lighter and prevents adding unwanted, additional weight to your bag.

'Billingham England' Label

SuperFlex Partitions that are included with a bag as standard, will not have a Billingham label sewn in.​ ​

Accessories that are purchased on their own/separately will have a Billingham label sewn in.

  • Made of dense, closed-cell foam
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee
  • Made in England

Please note:

The size names of the Partitions were revised a few years ago therefore please double check the sizes before purchase.

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