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Billingham Waist Strap + Attachment

Billingham Waist Strap + Attachment

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  • Real, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather​
  • Shuttle woven polyester​
  • Solid brass fixings​
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee​
  • Made in England


The Waist Strap Attachment has webbing as the main waist strap and leather, brass, or nickel fixings. ​ ​

It's a great-looking way to keep your bag close and to prevent it from moving around when you're on the move.


The Waist Strap is designed to attach to each end of the shoulder sling (up to 50mm wide) and provide a loose fit around the waist.​

The length is adjustable between approximately 93cm (36⅝") and 144cm (56¾") including the leather fixings at each end (closed up while attached to the bag).

Compatible with Almost ALL Billingham Bags!

The Waist Strap Attachment is suitable for almost all of the Billingham bags as it attaches around the shoulder slings. ​

The only bags it is not suitable for is the 25 Rucksack and 35 Rucksack as these products do not have a shoulder sling.

What is the Sizing?

Length: Adjustable between approximately 93cm (36⅝") and 144cm (56¾")

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