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Fujifilm GF 110mm f5.6 T/S

Fujifilm GF 110mm f5.6 T/S

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FUJINON GF110mmF5.6 TS Macro lens offers tilt-shift control, and thanks to its 0.43m minimum focusing distance and 0.5x maximum magnification factor, it’s perfect for close-up photography that demands total control to produce results with little-to-no distortion. Optically, the lens comprises ED and aspherical lens elements for aberration-free results, while an onboard sensor records the exact adjustments made to the lens’s shift and rotation. This makes post-production involving multiple images simple and easy, especially when Lens Cast Calibration (LCC) tools are needed.



Tilt, Shift, and Create

Get perfect images, no matter how small, with FUJINON GF110mmF5.6 T/S Macro lens. The ultimate choice for a product or detail-oriented photography, GF110mmF5.6 T/S Macro will help imaging professionals create stunningly sharp images with little to no distortion and let them place subjects in perfectly selected focal planes. Get up close, take full control over an image’s perspective, and depth-of-field, and focus is placed exactly where it needs to be.

Take Great Notes and Get Great Results

FUJINON GF110mmF5.6 T/S Macro digitally communicates with GFX System cameras to record adjustments made to lens shift and rotation, so that it can be conveniently used in post-production when precise data is needed for Lens Cast Calibration (LCC) tools. This ensures that final images stay true to their initial vision.

Down to the Smallest Detail

Creatives can get up close with the FUJINON GF110mmF5.6 T/S Macro lens and document the subtlest attributes thanks to the lens's 16 in (0.43m) minimum focus distance and maximum magnification factor of 0.5x. From a drop of condensation dripping down the side of a glass, to the printed text that forms the sentences of a book, the detail is in the imagery and the imagery is where stories are discovered.

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