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Hasselblad X H Lens Adapter

Hasselblad X H Lens Adapter

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The XH Lens Adapter can be used to mount an HC or HCD Lens onto an X System camera. The XH Lens Adapter widens your X1D Lens choices to include all 12 H System HC/HCD Lenses and Accessories including a macro converter and 3 extension tubes.

The HC/HCD Lens range includes a 24mm wide angle, 300mm telephoto and a 100mm f/2.2 delivering an ultra-thin depth of field and a beautifully smooth bokeh.

Please note that the HC/HCD Lens must have firmware 18.0.0 or later. Lenses with older firmware have hardware that cannot be updated with this firmware. They can only be used with manual focus on the X1D.

As of firmware version 1.21.0, the X1D supports the XH Lens Adapter with auto focus for the following lenses:

HCD 4,8/24, HCD 4/28, HC 3,5/35, HC 3,5/50, HC 3,5/50-II, HC 2,8/80, HC 2,2/100, HC 3,2/150 N, HC 4/210, HC 4,5/300, HC 3,5-4,5/50-110, HCD 4,0-5,6/35-90

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