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Leica S 100mm f2.0 ASPH

Leica S 100mm f2.0 ASPH

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The fastest lens for the S-System is a practically perfect portrait lens with creative versatility and shallow depth of field comparable with the Summilux lenses for 35 mm cameras and optical performance previously unattained in medium-format photography. Its exceptional imaging performance remains at a constantly high level at all apertures and from infinity to its closest focusing distance. At the same time, its high speed and optimum flare suppression guarantee enormous flexibility in even the most critical lighting scenarios.

Of its seven lens elements in five groups, one is a double-sided aspherical that minimises monochromatic aberrations. Three glasses with anomalous partial dispersion ensure extremely well-balanced chromatic correction. As a floating element, the rearmost cemented element ensures exceptional contrast at all distance settings. The particularly sophisticated multilayer coating used in the lens guarantees perfectly neutral rendition of colours.

Although the Summicron-S 100 mm f/2 ASPH. features full-system focusing, its special construction provides a constant barrel length that ensures extreme resilience by sealing the system effectively against dust and moisture. The particularly hard glasses of the front and rear lens elements contribute to a long working life, even under unfavourable conditions. The optimised lens hood can be reversed and slipped over the lens barrel to save space in the camera case or bag.

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