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Leica D-Lux 7 "A Bathing Ape x Stash" Special Edition

Leica D-Lux 7 "A Bathing Ape x Stash" Special Edition

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Iconic D-Lux 7 in street design

Photography, graffiti, and streetwear meet. Three creative icons of street culture have come together to produce a very special camera: Leica Camera from Wetzlar, graffiti artist STASH from New York City, and streetwear brand A BATHING APE® from the heart of the fashion scene in central Tokyo. This camera has been designed by STASH and is covered with the characteristic camouflage pattern associated with BAPE®. In addition, the set includes matching accessories: a specially designed camera bag, an automatically opening lens cap, and a carrying strap. The camera and accessories are identified with the artist STASH’s graffiti tag, as well as the Japanese cult brand BAPE®’s well-known monkey head logo.

Street culture and lifestyle

The Japanese streetwear brand, A BATHING APE®, represents the attitude of the younger generation. Since 1993, its iconic monkey head logo, style, and distinctive camouflage pattern has spread across the globe from the Tokyo fashion scene. BAPE® has been part of many sensational, cross-genre collaborations with international brands and artists.

Pioneer of the graffiti scene

STASH, aka Josh Franklin, is considered one of the pioneers of New York’s graffiti scene, as well as an influencer in the world of urban design. His hidden message (“to stash”), together with his iconic signature, has become a brand in itself; his art and activities have contributed to the broader acceptance of graffiti culture.

Compact street camera for individualists

With its large sensor and fast lens (Leica DC Vario-Summilux 10.9–34 f/1.7–2.8 ASPH. 35mm equivalent: 24–75 mm), the special edition Leica D-Lux 7 “A BATHING APE® x STASH” is perfect for a variety of photographic situations. Its intuitive user concept and smartphone connection via the Leica FOTOS app, allows for simple and fast file sharing. Its discreet appearance and the optical stabilization of the lens, make it especially suited for street and reportage photography. Thanks to its 17 MP sensor, the D-Lux 7 delivers photos with excellent image quality as well as high-quality video files (4K-30fps and full HD-60fps).

Leica FOTOS App

Easily pair and connect the Leica D-Lux 7 via Bluetooth®. In combination with the Leica FOTOS App, the D-Lux 7 offers quick access to images, the ability to save images on your smartphone and share images via social media - it can even be controlled remotely.

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