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Leica M11 Handgrip Black

Leica M11 Handgrip Black

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The ergonomic handgrip ensures a firm hold on the Leica M11, especially when shooting in portrait format or with one hand. Optional finger loops in sizes S, M, and L offer additional security. It mounts easily without any tools and can also be used when photographing with a tripod. 

The handgrip is ARCA-SWISS compatible and can be directly inserted into a congruent coupling system via the integrated dovetail, without the need for a quick-release plate. The camera’s USB port and battery – concealed beneath an easy-to-open rubber cover on the base plate – remain fully accessible at all times, even when the handgrip is mounted. This enables a continuous connection to, for example, a power bank or the Leica FOTO cable and a quick change of the battery. 

Just like the M11, the handgrip is made of aluminum with a black paint finish – creating a perfect color match.

Finger Loop NOT included.

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