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Leica S 180mm ELPRO

Leica S 180mm ELPRO

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ELPRO-S 180:
Close-Up lens

The Elpro-S 180 mm Close-Up Converter Lens is a precisely calculated converter lens specifically designed for the Leica APO-Elmar-S 180 mm f/3.5 lens. It reduces the minimum focus distance of the 180 mm lens to 3.6' (1.1 m) and increases the maximum reproduction ratio of the lens from 1:7 to 1:4.5.

In contrast to the majority of apochromatic accessory lenses, the Leica Elpro-S 180 is dedicated to one particular lens, thus avoiding lateral chromatic aberrations and ensuring that there are no detrimental effects on the excellent imaging quality of the lens.

The Leica ELPRO-S 180 attaches to the threaded filter mount of the lens, just like a filter. Autofocus, exposure metering and all other camera and lens handling functions are maintained in full when using the Leica Elpro-S 180.

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