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Leica Sofort 2

Leica Sofort 2

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Key Features: 
  • New design in 3 colors 
  • Two shutter releases for selfies, landscapes, and portraits
  • 10 lens effects & 10 film styles, as well as macro mode
  • Leica UX menu design with a familiar physical button layout
  • Leica FOTOS integration with the option to save Sofort images to the app and the ability to print any image from the FOTOS gallery
  • Manual print lever, allowing the photographer to only print their best images


Introducing the Leica SOFORT 2: Analogue and digital photography intertwine in this modern-designed Hybrid Camera bringing fun and creative memories to the ones you love and the ones you will get to know. Leica's product designers created a modern contemporary device that convinces both externally and internally. Easy to operate and beautiful to look at. A compact instant camera with a digital heart at its core. Supporting your creativity with various Lens and Film Effects to choose from and an LCD display that helps you to select only your best shots before you print them. It is seamlessly integrated with the Leica FOTOS App enabling you to print all your images from the Leica Gallery on your mobile device, transfer pictures from the camera to your smartphone, and share your digital images from the SOFORT 2 on social media.


  • Choose any photo from the Leica FOTOS Gallery to print
  • Remote control function with live view, flash, and self-timer support
  • Save your favorite Leica Sofort images to the Leica FOTOS app
  • “Your Memories” feature: quickly view your collection of print images in the app.


Leica Sofort 2 - Film Styles
  • Vivid
  • Canvas
  • Pale
  • Monochrom
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Retro


Leica Sofort 2 - Effect Options
  • Color Shift
  • Vignette
  • Blur
  • Soft Focus
  • Fisheye
  • Light Leak
  • Mirror
  • Double Exposure
  • Half-Frame


New Accessories

Just as versatile as the Leica Sofort 2 are its accessories, offering an opportunity to underscore the individuality and creativity of the camera and the artists that use it: 

  • Picture Frames Set in pine wood 
  • Magnet Frame Set made of bamboo in black or natural color
  • Permanent markers with metal boxes for signing or labeling the Leica Sofort images
  • Metal boxes for storage 
  • Carrying straps and wrist strap options 
  • Crossbody bags and hip bags made of recycled polyester which can also hold other Leica cameras 
  • Equipment bag to hold camera batteries and cables

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