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Negative Supply

Negative Supply 5x7 99CRI Light Source

Negative Supply 5x7 99CRI Light Source

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High CRI Light Source Designed Specifically for Film Scanning with High Color Accuracy - An Industry First at This Price Point

Good scans start with good light. We aimed to create an affordable light source specifically for the camera/film scanning community. With brighter bulbs and high color accuracy, the Negative Supply 4x5 Light Source Basic makes scanning film with a digital camera easy and straightforward, allowing you to use lower ISO settings and retain higher shutter speeds.

  • 99 CRI for high color accuracy and fidelity, with significant performance increase for color negative and slide film scanning
  • Tolex-wrapped exterior for increased durability
  • 4.5x5.5 inch light area
  • 2x brighter than many competitor options at a similar price
  • Compact design to slide under Pro Mount MK2 or use without Pro Mount MK2
  • Cost-effective option to complete or start a Negative Supply system

7.6 x 5.6 x 0.8

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