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Nikon Zf FX

Nikon Zf FX

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Performance to inspire. Full-frame image quality, depth, and dynamic range. Autofocus built from Deep Learning technology. Astounding low-light capabilities and image stabilization. All in an iconic pro-grade camera body with an authentic feel and precision tactile handling.

Makes Shooting Effortless

Subject Recognition with 3D Tracking

Like the Z 9 and Z 8, the Zf’s autofocus system recognizes a wide range of common subjects—people, cats, dogs, birds, bicycles, motorbikes, cars, aircraft, and trains—and uses Deep Learning technology to provide exactly the right focus and tracking for each.

Eye-Detection AF for Photos and Videos

The Z f automatically locks onto the eyes of people, pets and birds, even when they’re extremely small in the frame. For the first time, the feature is also available for manual focus lenses, automatically magnifying the area around the eyes so you can quickly confirm sharp focus.

Up to 30 fps High-Speed Capture

Nail the decisive moment with 14 fps continuous shooting using the Z f’s mechanical shutter, which has been tested to 200,000 cycles, or activate C30+ for up to 30 fps using the silent electronic shutter.

Pre-Release Capture

Record the moments before you actually press the shutter release button—up to 30 fps—saving shots that would otherwise have been missed.

Auto Mode Enhanced by Deep Learning

The Z f’s Deep Learning technology analyzes your shooting situation and automatically adjusts aperture, ISO and shutter speed to match your intentions. You can automatically capture portraits with beautiful background blur or have all the faces in focus for a group shot

Takes Low Light to a New High

Widest ISO Range Acmoung Z Series Cameras

ISO 100-64,000 for stills with low noise across the entire range. ISO 100-51,200 for video.

AF Detection Down to -10 EV

The lowest of any Z series camera2; detects faces and even eyes in extremely dark scenes.

Selective Noise Processing

Seeks out mid-tones where noise tends to increase—especially on flat surfaces—for sharp, clear low-light images with rich saturation.

HEIF Image Format for Richer Tonal Gradation

Richer tonal gradation than JPEG with increased luminance at a comparable file size. Great for stills and creating 4K HLG time-lapse videos in-camera.

Built-in creativity. Designed to inspire.

Dedicated Black & White Mode

With the flick of a switch, express composition, patterns, light, and shadows in their purest form. New Flat and Deep Tone Monochrome Picture Controls give you flexible control for video and stills.

96MP Ultra-High Resolution Stills

Activate Pixel Shift Shooting and create the highest resolution, lowest noise, and lowest false color (moiré) still images ever produced in a Nikon camera. (Requires NX Studio to combine a 32-image sequence into one 96MP image.)

Beautiful Portraits Made Easy

Apply Skin Softening, easily adjust the hue and brightness of skin tones, retain maximum detail with a new Rich Tone Portrait color profile, and more—all in-camera.

Picture Controls & Creative Picture Controls 

Find exactly the right style and mood for your photos and videos with easy-to-use presets you can preview in real-time.

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