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Oberwerth Dark Brown Ostrich TagCase for Leica M11

Oberwerth Dark Brown Ostrich TagCase for Leica M11

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Leica M11 TagCases (pat.pending) Ostrich leather Edition - innovative world novelty made of finest ostrich leather

The TagCases made of ostrich leather for your Leica M11 are characterized by the highest precision in workmanship and particularly valuable and exclusive leather. The special feature of the TagCase: In the bottom flap, which grants access to the battery, SD card and USB-C port, there is a discreet inner pocket into which an Apple AirTag can be inserted! This way you'll always be able to find your camera in the quickest way possible, whether misplaced or lost.

The M11 TagCases protect your camera like a second skin and, despite the innovative AirTag "hiding place", do not add too much bulk, but keep the beautiful body of the M11 looking slim and handy.

Inside, the cases are lined with soft velour, which wraps your camera like a protective skin and guarantees a gentle attachment of the TagCase to your M11 camera.

The perfect fit of the TagCase is guaranteed by the integrated aluminum reinforcements. Unlike other manufacturers, Oberwerth has chosen aluminum because it provides stronger support and protection for your camera and the TagCase thus remains flexible. This way, you are able to customize the TagCase to fit your camera by applying light pressure.

Of course, the TagCases guarantees access to all common functions of the M11 camera. All controls and the display are kept free and framed by the TagCase. So you don't have to remove the TagCase from the camera during normal use.

The display is protected by an optional magnetically held flap, which can be removed and reattached as if by magic. This way, you can protect the large display and controls from scratches, bumps or other external impacts during transport, preserving the beauty and value of your Leica M11 camera.

Details of the Leica M11 TagCase
  • Innovative AirTag hiding place in base plate
  • Finest ostrich leather combined with soft suede to protect your M11 camera
  • Aluminum reinforcement for perfect fit and subsequent adjustment to the camera
  • Full access to common controls
  • Quick access to battery, SD card and USB-C port thanks to flap in bottom panel
  • Integrated, ergonomically designed handle for maximum grip on the camera


About Oberwerth's Ostrich Leather:

The leather of an ostrich is characterized by the characteristic, nubby grain pattern: the feathers of the noble animal were anchored here during its lifetime. Ostrich skin has been used to make leather for thousands of years and was a popular material as far back as ancient Rome, for example for making breastplates for soldiers. To this day, ostrich leather is extremely popular because of its softness and durability at the same time. In addition, it is breathable and extremely robust.

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