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Panasonic S 14-28mm f4-5.6

Panasonic S 14-28mm f4-5.6

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Key Features:
  • Compact, Lightweight

  • Ultra wide-angle zoom F4-5.6 Lens

  • Smooth exposure changes by micro-step aperture control

  • Suppression of focus breathing

  • Splash/dust resistance for harsh conditions*

*Dust and splash resistance does not guarantee that damage will not occur if this lens is subjected to direct contact with dust and water.

With an ultra-wide-angle zoom, the LUMIX S Series 14-28mm F4-5.6 ASPH. lens can achieve high optical performance and stunning mobility fit to LUMIX S5 series cameras for both photo and video. With excellent video recording performance to get the descriptive performance and beautiful bokeh. The LUMIX S 14-28mm F4-5.6 MACRO lens features a common overall length and position of controls providing practical advantages in use. The weight and the center of gravity are almost the same across this series of lenses so it’s easy to maintain balance when mounted to the camera on a gimbal.

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