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Profoto A2 Mono Light

Profoto A2 Mono Light

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Key Features:
  • Super compact size and low weight.
  • Powerful 100Ws flash and fast flash recycling
  • Built-in reflector and lens that creates a natural light spread with smooth fall-off.
  • Fully compatible with all magnetic Profoto Clic Light Shaping Tools.
  • Integrated AirX connectivity for full compatibility with all Profoto remotes and apps. • Fully compatible with batteries and battery chargers for Profoto A-series flashes.
  • Built-in LED focus/modeling light.
  • Removable stand adapter with integrated umbrella holder.
  • Clean and easy user interface with large hi-resolution display.

With Profoto's new super-compact monolight, and the huge range of light shaping tools available to it - discover a world of creative possibilities on the go.

Now the hugely popular B10-range has an even more compact sibling. Introducing the Profoto A2. Our smallest ever monolight. It’s small, lightweight, and portable - about the size of a regular soda can.

This is a light that you really can bring anywhere and everywhere. Throw it in your bag or a jacket pocket, and you're ready to make the most of whatever location you might find yourself in. You could be shooting at a wedding, an awards ceremony, or in a restaurant - the Profoto A2 is perfect when space is at a premium and time is short.

Like all Profoto lights, the A2 is easy and intuitive to use; you'll go from box to first flash in record time. Yes, it comes with an instruction manual, and no, you probably won't have to bother reading it.

And the A2 connects to the broader universe of Profoto products with AirX connectivity built in. You can use the A2 as

a part of a more extensive lighting system, and you can shoot with any camera, including a smartphone. Enjoy the freedom of choosing where you make adjustments to all settings. Either via the user-friendly large display on the flash or via the Profoto app. It’s totally up to you.

However, more than anything else, the Profoto A2 is a creative tool. It exists to help the ambitious photographer capture striking and beautiful images. So, like all flashes in the Profoto range, the flash head is round, delivering light that's natural and beautiful.

The creative possibilities become almost endless when you combine the A2 with the Profoto Clic System - a series of light shaping tools bespoke to A-series flashes. Factor in the new Clic OCF Adapter II, and then suddenly Profoto's entire range of OCF light shaping tools are available to use as well.

All of which means this is a must-have light for image creators who want to push the limits of what's possible on location - because the truth is with the Profoto A2 – great light will always be with you.

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