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Roe Ethridge - Zine 321

Roe Ethridge - Zine 321

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From March 11 to April 11, 2021, Roe Ethridge was in Paris, working on two commissions separated by a two-and-a-half-week gap. The limbo between these spells of work mirrored the strange lacuna in which the city found itself. Paris was drained of tourists and under curfew; its parks and canal walls were crowded with locals, while shops and bars lay shuttered. Ethridge walked the erratically populated city thinking, among other things, about NFTs and Eugène Atget, and produced this distinctive visual journal of an in-between moment.

Published as a limited edition zine.

Book Details:
  • Publisher: Mack
  • Publication date: 2021
  • Unsigned
  • New
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 21cm
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